Cubehero adds cover photos and basic stats

Set the cover photo

Cubehero now allows you to set a cover photo for  your physible. No longer do you have to submit to the whims of upload order for the display of your physible in the gallery–but should you not set one, we’ll still pick for you. I believe that unlike source code, 3D models are rooted in the visual, and being able to pick the photo or the model rendering that represents your project is important.

physible stats

Download stats and view stats are something I’ve been meaning to add, and some users were asking for. That way, you can see what other people are looking at and what they’ve been downloading. Right now, the stats are only counted per physible, rather than per file. I believe feedback is an important start to collaboration, and this is feedback from people voting with their feet.

larger thumbnails

Along with these changes have been a bunch of small minor tweaks, both on the frontend and backend. The font has been changed to be cleaner, and the background has been equalized to give a brighter look. The thumbnails are also bigger for your viewing pleasure, as well as being included in the source listings. On the backend, there’s been additional tweaks and changes to the worker elves to make it work better, but that will be ongoing work as the site evolves.

I welcome feedback, and look forward to more changes and improvements. Thanks for your support!

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One comment on “Cubehero adds cover photos and basic stats
  1. Hi, thanks for this great platform. Unfortunately I’m unable to upload a cover photos, I have the pics in “source”, but no way to get them to the cover.

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