Spit shining Cubehero. Editing README, GFM, email notifications

Alright! So what parts of Cubehero got a spit shine over the Thanksgiving holiday? Here’s a quick fly-by update on what’s new.

Well for one, you can finally update the README.md file from the web site. Before, you had to create a text file called README.md and upload it in a commit. Now you can just edit the file in a textarea box now and click ‘update’, and Cubehero will submit a commit of the updated README.md to your project.

edit readme

And speaking of which the topic text, comments, and README.md now all support Github flavored markdown. Markdown is a writing format that converts to HTML. Github flavored markdown has some extensions that make it easier to write markdown.

github flavored markdown

When all of you post different discussions, I was often frustrated that I couldn’t keep updated on what was going on. So now, Cubehero sends email notifications for topics and comments that you post. If you own the physible, you will also get email notifications. It’s also easy to turn off the notifications. On the sidebar of the topic, you can turn on or off the notification.

email notifications

And lastly, each physible project now owns their own discussion section. Common discussion was too confusing, and didn’t fit the mental model of many users. There still will be a way to see discussion going on across all projects with the same name, but each project will have their own.

discussion for physibles

And that’s it! Enjoy. Lots of polishing before the next big push. As always let me know if you have any feedback or comments. Msg me on twitter, comment on this blog, or simply email me. wil@cubehero.com

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