Web-commits and experimental Bill of Materials

Hopefully this finds you all well. This holiday season had been both a time of reflection for myself, as well as some improvements for Cubehero.

Web-based upload and commit

I’ve listened to your feedback, and changed the way you can push files to Cubehero. While you can still use git, you can now upload files directly from the web.

You simply select files that are new or have changed with the file chooser. Write a short description of what changed, then upload the files.

While the files are uploading, there’s a progress bar telling you about its progress. When all files have finished, Cubehero will commit a new version for you. 

After the commit is done, you’ll be redirected to a gallery of the current files in your repository.

Bill of Materials Experiment

About a month ago, I did an experiment making a Bill of Materials for the Rostock 3D printer. I’ve since made the feature available to all projects, though data entry involves writing JSON, which means it can also be version controlled. When you change the quantity or the supplier, it will automatically update the amount. If a bunch of you are clamoring for this as a useful feature, I’ll make the data entry easier than entering JSON. 

Hope this all finds you well. As always, if you have any difficulty or need help, don’t hesitate to ping me: wil@cubehero.com. Take care!


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