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Hello all!
Hope you had a good mid-autumn festival. What’s been going on? To start, I believe when people want to share their projects, they not only want to have the files up on the web (any FTP can do that), but they’d like to share it beautifully and clearly. When you have a clear proposition and layout of your project, it helps attract collaborators to your project. I’ll be working on more benefits for sharing when you host your project on Cubehero
Photos can say a lot

Unlike software, 3D objects are visual by nature, and hence, a great photo can do wonders to attract and gain the interest of others to your project. I’ve added photo uploading to your project and put it front and center.
Check it out

Markdown flavored instructions

When you have a project, documentation is important. It’s not only important to describe your project, but also to give helpful instructions on how to print and put it together. If you push a file named in your root directory, Cubehero will render it in all its Markdown glory. 
Check it out

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom

The model render is an important aspect of being able to see your models and their diffs. I’ve revamped the guts of the renderer, so now you can pan, tilt, and zoom with your mouse. In addition, it now has front and back lighting, the viewer adjusts to the size of your model, and some bugs with unlit models were fixed.
Check it out

Password caching tip

Psst. Don’t want to enter in your password every time you push? Try github’s password caching.

Well, as always let me know if you have any problems or questions. I’m at, and you can also find me on Olark, the web chat on the bottom right hand corner on Cubehero. Until next time!



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