Happy April Showers

Surprisingly, it’s April already, and it always reminded me that of the time my English teacher made us memorize the first four lines of Canterbury Tales. Thanks for your replies. It’s pretty exciting to hear from you. From your replies seems like it’ll be ok to launch with git access, and then make it easier for non-git users later on.


Cubehero now can create physibles with a git repository along with it. The process is much like github’s user flow, where you create a physible through the web interface first, and then push from your git repository to the remote repository. You can see some of the screen shots below.

I’ve also been researching the ins and outs of git internals, because as rumors has it, git repositories bloat in size with binaries. As it turns out, this isn’t entirely true. The degree of bloat depends largely on how the file was compressed. In the case of the JPG image format, a single local change in one part of the image results in global changes in the file.


Thus, to git, every small change in a JPG image looks like large changes, and it thinks that you’re always sand blasting the Sistine Chapel to redraw it on every revision. But no worries. It should handle OpenSCAD and STL files just fine.

I’ve found one candidate workaround to this and will be looking at others. If you’ve heard of other things that help alleviate this problem, just reply to this email and drop me a line like house cats drops your mouse. Hope you have a great week!


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