All the little things: launching commit history and likes

This week was about little improvements. There’s been a bunch of small things that have been bugging me, and with categories finished, I could turn my head towards fixing the little things on Cubehero.

We now have a really basic commit history listing, which means, you can see a history of the changes that happened in the project over time. Cubehero can do this because it’s built upon git, a distributed version control software. Version control, for those of you unfamiliar with it, is software that keeps every version of your project, so you can go back in time. It’s essentially a giant undo button for your project.


history of commits


However, much of the power of git is in the command line, and not yet exposed by Cubehero’s web interface. As I add more features, you’ll be able to access more of its power without learning command line git. For now, we can just see the commit history.

We can also now like someone’s physible project. You need to be logged in, in order to like something. Send people some love for their creativity and ingenuity. You’ll also noticed that you can now see descriptions of the project physibles when you hover over the gallery picture. With transparency. Awesome sauce.


like a project and description



There’s been a lot of little changes this week that may not bear mentioning at this time. Where we go from here, is working towards being able to share changes with each other. For any of the amazing projects above, I’d like to be able to fork (clone a derivative of) their project, make some changes, and then contribute back.

I’ve also been thinking about changing the format of these blog post / newsletter updates. Most of it has admittedly been announcements about Cubehero, but I’m thinking of writing more about how to help you with 3D printing or 3D modeling. The topics on the table right now are modeling with OpenSCAD, the benefits of version control, and a survey of hardware for 3D printers. Lemme know what you’d like to hear about! And always I welcome feedback, if you have any questions or comments. Thanks to @talpa and @fdefoy for the recent feedback!

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