Agoras for everybody. Now you can connect over what you’ve shared

When we share our creations, we’re bravely putting a part of ourselves out there. We want to spread the joy of what we made, and have others give us feedback on what they love about it and to really connect over the love of making.

Last week, I released community agoras for discussing and giving feedback about Cubehero itself to start. Today, I’m releasing it to all project physibles. Now, you can connect with your fans and collaborators of your work. Start discussing issues, trade urls, and show each other what you’ve done.

Cubehero has a common agora for all project physibles of the same name. So if you fork a physible, you’re all part of the same community. If you’re the first to make a physible, you get the seed the agora.

Create an agora for your physible

Once it’s been created, everyone will see a link to the community on every physible with the same name. No more button on the side, but a nicely formatted link to the community.

Link to community agora for discussion

In a fresh new agora, create a topic and seed it with what fans of your project might want to talk about. Any user can create a topic and comment on it. Over time, you’ll get to interact with others with the same interest in building the same thing as you.

Create topics for your agora

We all like to express ourselves in the way we really mean, so markdown has been enabled for comments, and in the text topics. If you want bold, you can have it–but not to the detriment of others! We don’t need another MySpace (the old version) on the internets.

Use Markdown for comments!

And lastly, all the topics can be upvoted with approval, so the most interestingly new topic is at the top. Classic upvoting with rising and falling topics. This part is a bit of an experiment. Most forum software don’t use this algorithm for ranking the topics, but I’ve found it useful in finding new and interesting things. Let’s see how this pans out.

The classic upvote of approval

Let me know what you think about the new changes after you’ve tried it out. I’ve really enjoyed the feedback you guys have given so far. Let me know if you have any questions. Til next time, I’m still kicking out new features and benefits to help us all work on 3D printed projects together.

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