What file formats are supported for file previews?

As of Nov 2012, Cubehero supports preview renders of:

  • ASCII and binary STL
  • OpenSCAD

If you have other file formats you'd like supported, post it in feedback

What's your deal? Is this a response to the thingiverse thing a while ago?

It wasn't in response to the Thingiverse debacle. I had been using Thingiverse for a while now, and often times for things with more parts, I couldn't figure out which versions of parts I needed to download, and it was frustrating.

When I look at the toolchain available to me as a software developer and the toolchain for 3D printable object designers, it's about 10 years behind. So back in March, mostly on a whim, I decided to see if I could figure out how to do a visual diff. After I figured it out, I started building a hosting solution in earnest starting in June. I launched an alpha in Aug, and have been improving it steadily since. In short, I just wanted something like this for hosting my own projects.

Is Cubehero affiliated with any 3D printer companies?

I'm not affiliated with any 3D printer companies. I originally started off making a visual diff just to see if I could, and then eventually ended up writing a hosting solution, since I wanted version control that thingiverse didn't have.

Does Cubehero intended to embrace the CC or open development process in the site itself?

When it comes to the site itself, I take much of the guidance and precedence from Github.com. Github is a software hosting site for developers that hosts both open source and private projects. The founder of Github has written a piece about this, titled Open Source (almost) Everything

In it, he outlines his philosophy as to why open sourcing large parts of your stack is beneficial, and which parts of the stack should remain closed. I think what he says is applicable to Cubehero.

The source of the site itself is not open source. But there are many components that can be. One library I've started to extract is stl.js, which is a collection of methods to read/write STL files. It still needs cleanup, and the API is still in flux, but I've open sourced it.

Does the site require any special license for content uploaded?

When it comes to the projects hosted on there, they should belong to whomever uploaded them with whatever license they choose.

Right now (as of 1/14/2012), the only public CC projects are supported by Cubehero. On the sidebar of every project, there is a CC, non-commercial license. I may have to make that bigger, since it's the second time someone seemed to have missed it. In the future, I intend to let people choose their license, and allow privately hosted projects.

In addition, Cubehero is written on git. And git itself is a decentralized version control system. Just because you host on Cubehero doesn't mean you can't host anywhere else. In fact, you can use it to host in multiple places at once. If, for some reason, Cubehero goes down, you will still have a local copy of your entire repository and its history. There have been instances where people took down their canonical copy from github in an online persona suicide, but people were able to piece together his work from their local copies.

I'm a bit put off by the "all rights reserved" on the bottom of the page. Is that the philosophy I'm looking for in a design sharing site?

This was something that I also followed Github's lead on. At the bottom of their pages, they also have an "all rights reserved" in their footer, which I took it to mean the github site itself, not any of the projects hosted. Given that the linux kernel itself is hosted on Github, I don't think Github intends to 'reserve all rights' on linux.

If there was a better way for you to know this information on the website itself, let me know what it is. Should i make the license on each page bigger? Should I have a licensing faq at the footer of the pages?

Can I clone via a protocol other than https?

Currently no. Getting git+ssh setup in the servers is a bit of a pain, and in my opinion, time is better spent on some of the other features people have been asking about. The only disadvantage of https is having to enter in your username and password every time you push, but that can be solved by setting that locally on your git client on your machine.

What version of OpenSCAD do you use to render the previews?

OpenSCAD v2013.06.06

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