a machine to pelletize grass for feeding chickens

by iowacattails 2 years ago

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  • I am interested in a contraption that will pelletize grass mixed with other ingredients such as crushed eggshells, and cooked table-scrap vegetables. It does not need to be fast or pruduce pellets rapidly. A machine that will funnel, feed and squeeze the ingredients and extrude the materials into 1/8" diameter pellets. Slow, steady and continuous. My motivations are the high cost of Hobby-farm chicken feed pellets and the abundance of grass from mowing my lawn in the summer. My chickens love grass and I don't think a healthy recipe is rocket-science. Most pelletizers are of the high output ring-die design and are very expensive ( 3-10K$) . I have been interested in the idea ever since I got chickens and will try and 3D print iterations of any designs (if,when my makibox shows up). I have experience lost-foam casting items and hope to cast 3d printed PLA part into aluminum parts ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcWDwG-g7KU ) I am excited about this site and the prospect of idea sharing and can't wait to share ideas and files and really hope someone can help me brainstorm a working in-expensive grass pelletizer. Thanks, Rob logue , iowacattails@yahoo.com

  • You might want to look into the open source filament extruders that people have made for 3D printers.

    They were designed for melting and extruding bits of plastic into a long strand, but I'd imagine that the design could be modified to work for chicken feed easily enough.


    Edit: One major issue will be contaminants from the lawn mower in the grass clippings- eating things like steel shavings and oil won't be good for your chickens.